Why Hitchbook?

Engaged? Chances are you’ve already answered the same questions about your relationship over and over again. How did you two meet? How did he propose? People want to know your story, and we have a better way to tell it. We make invitations that tell your love story in a memorable way so that everyone can enjoy what makes your relationship unique! It’s the invitation your wedding guests won’t stop talking about!

Who We Are

We exist to connect people in a more meaningful way.

Every human being has the deep desire to be known authentically and to connect meaningfully with others. We were never meant to do life alone! We are all busy, and technology makes it easy to have less human interaction, yet we long for relationships. Simpler things. Time-honored traditions. To be fully known and loved. That’s why we created Hitchbook Invitations.

We know that your story has a lot to say, and we want to help you share it with the world. We set out to create lifestyle products as unique as you are, filled with your personality. From invitations your guests can’t stop talking about, to products for life’s celebrations, we want to bring people together. We want to start conversations, tell stories, and help commemorate the big and not-so-big things in life. Because your story is worth telling.


About the Founders

From Amy:

It was a whirlwind romance filled with laughter, joy, family, dance lessons, and burger joints. When Jason, a country-music-loving Texan with a heart of gold, popped the question seven months into our relationship, I knew this was the one with whom I wanted to spend my forever. We were as different as oil and water in some ways, but we synced up on all the important stuff.

One problem. Not very many people in my circle really knew him. You see, he was from Houston, Texas and had moved to Columbus, OH just 11 months prior to our engagement. He was still the “new kid in town” when we met, and most of my friends and extended family hadn’t gotten to know him beyond just surface information since then. His extended family also had not gotten to know me since we were separated by thousands of miles. It felt like our circles of friends and families needed a little behind-the-scenes look into our relationship when we announced our engagement.

So we set out to design a wedding invitation that would be both beautiful, personal, and informative. I had a degree in graphic design, so I started designing. It was Jason, though, who had the idea to create a sort of hitchbook invitation sharing all about us, complete with photos, facts, and most importantly, our story.

I don’t want people to show up to the wedding and be like, ‘Who’s that guy?’” he told me.

“Well,” I responded laughing, “I don’t want your family to come to Ohio for the wedding without a clue of how weird—uh, I mean different— I am.”

Thus, Hitchbook Invitations was born. We got so many compliments on our invitations once we mailed them, and we had so many people tell us how they enjoyed reading it. “I just felt like I knew you even though I had never met you,” one of my relatives told Jason at the wedding. Plus, it eliminated being asked for the thousandth time, “Now how did you two meet?”

Jason and I started planning Hitchbook Invitations while still on our honeymoon, knowing that we could help other couples tell their stories well. But we ended up moving three times in our first two years of marriage, followed by two house renovations, three babies, and our work with a non-profit organization. Still, we couldn’t set aside our dream.

Several friends and family members asked for me to design their wedding invitations, but it wasn’t until my youngest sister, Kirsten, got engaged and asked us to design her invitation that our dream was rekindled.

Enter Kirsten and her now-husband Elijah. When they saw the invitation I designed for them and started hearing the rave reviews from their guests, they came to us. “You HAVE to get this out there. And we want to be a part of it,” they told Jason and I. It was the spark we needed.

And that’s why you’re reading this now. Our brand new website, offering Hitchbook Invitations and other products, was launched, ten years after Jason and I said, “I do.” We couldn’t be more grateful or more excited about helping connect people in a more meaningful way. And hopefully cutting down on the number of people who ask you, “Now how did you two meet?”

Much Love and Big Dreams,

Jason and Amy’s Quick Facts:

Fell in Love: While ice skating in Dec. 2008.

Married: September 20, 2009

Children: Journey Taylor, Dawson James, and Revere Everett

Amy’s Hobbies: singing opera, writing songs, traveling, making art, designing interiors, drinking coffee, serving at church on the music team, reading voraciously, making things up in the kitchen, going to plays, checking out makeup and fashion trends, and telling stories to my kids.

Jason’s Hobbies: Rooting for his baseball team, the Houston Astros; playing all sports except volleyball and golf, being outdoors, umpiring, collecting tools, booking travel free with points, trying out burger joints, drinking iced tea, listening to country music, watching the Food Network and The Office, making sure the kids get their baths.

About the Founders

From Kirsten:

My husband, Elijah, and I have known each other our entire lives. In fact, we grew up a mile down the road from each other! It wasn’t until I was twenty-one that he staged a “Friendsgiving” event the Saturday after Thanksgiving, walked me to my car, and told me how he had been feeling for over a year. I was speechless. We started going out as “just friends”, but we very quickly became best friends. After a month, I knew I loved him. A few more months down the road, and he surprised me in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and asked me to be his wife. He was my first kiss, and I was his!

Elijah and I had an incredibly unique love storybut so do you! I have worked in writing and marketing for my whole career, and I am passionate about discovering what somebody’s story is and helping them tell it in a way the world can hear. And that’s what I love about being a part of Hitchbook Invitations! I believe the best love stories don’t happen in romantic-comedies, they happen in real life. And that’s why we want to help you tell the world about yours.

Much Love and Big Dreams,

Elijah and Kirsten’s Quick Facts:

Married: August 25, 2018

Elijah and Kirsten’s Hobbies: Renovating their house, tracking down the best donuts, watching The Office, laughing together, chilling by the beach, and spending time with family.

The Way We See It

We believe in the power of love.

We believe that a good story can change the world.

We believe in connecting people in a more meaningful way.

We believe that every day is a gift given to us in which to write our stories.

We believe in the beauty, honesty, struggle, and celebration that is life.

We believe that people are the most valuable treasure on earth.

We believe that relationships are worth fighting for.

We believe in happy endings, no matter how messy the story gets.

We believe in family, forgiveness, and getting fancy every once in a while.

We believe that when someone finds their happily ever after, it’s worth celebrating.

We believe that your story is worth telling.